real democracy for NYC: a campaign for modern day citizen lawmaking

We're proposing two amendments to the city's charter:

The Right of Initiative amendment expands the ability of city voters to propose and adopt local laws placed on the ballot by petition. Here is the full text as a PDF, an HTML, and a Google Doc.

The Citizens’ Forum amendment uses today’s tools and understanding to make lawmaking less money-driven and more accessible, deliberative, collaborative, and informed. Any resident will easily be able to propose a local law, participate in its drafting, or help make the case for or against its passage. Here is the full text as a PDF, an HTML, and a Google Doc.

And here is an easier to read partial summary of the amendments as a PDF, an HTML, and a Google Doc.

You can add inline comments and questions on the Google Docs, and we're also happy to answer any question directly.

(For context, the full city charter, which is sort of like the constitution of the city, defining the form of its government, can be accessed under Drafting Resources on lowercase d's links page.)

These proposals are the product of a multi-year open and collaborative drafting process. Now that the petitioning has begun, any changes to their text would invalidate prior signatures. Common questions are answered here.


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This campaign is on ice.. Petitions and future volunteer sign-ups welcome in freezer, along with related inquiries.