real democracy for NYC: a campaign for modern day citizen lawmaking

Anyone registered to vote in New York City can sign the petitions, and witness the signatures of others. (Don't vote in the city? You can still provide vital support and volunteer!) The two easy ways of getting the petitions:

Download. If the people whose signatures you'll witness will be able to view the proposal texts online before signing, you can just print the signature pages (must be printed single-sided). Otherwise, you'll need the much longer full petitions (can be double-sided). If you haven't signed yet, print an extra copy of the signature pages so someone can witness your signature, too.

Order. Let us know (1) how many signatures you expect to witness, (2) whether the signers will have access to the full text online or we should include a copy, and (3) where to mail you the goods, and we'll send them.

Why all this difficult insistence on witnessed paper petitions? It's still the law. One that will change if we succeed. Thanks for bringing democracy into the 21st century with conversation. Enjoy!


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This campaign is on ice.. Petitions and future volunteer sign-ups welcome in freezer, along with related inquiries.