real democracy for NYC: a campaign for modern day citizen lawmaking

Let's say you have a good idea for something our city's government should do or enact. Today you'd probably have a very hard time getting that to happen.

Imagine being able to simply propose your idea to your fellow New Yorkers in a well organized, civil forum; getting their help to improve your proposal; and, if enough voters think it's sound, but the City Council's still not passing something that satisfies you, placing the measure on the ballot for us all to decide.

New Yorkers deserve the basic democratic right—enjoyed by most other Americans and in most of this country’s big cities—to have a direct say in our city’s future and the laws we live by. And as long as we’re winning our right of initiative, we're going to do it right, by creating a citizens’ forum online which:

  • is open to all,
  • is a costless and verifiable way for good ideas to be heard and get on the ballot,
  • allows communal deliberation and improvement of proposals,
  • is effectively moderated by residents, and
  • serves as a library for all information related to proposals.

Such a forum will mitigate the influence of money and corporate media, and act as a civic and educational tool, rejuvenating our democracy.

Together we can put the necessary amendments to the city's charter on the ballot. But it can only happen with you—democracy requires citizens.


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This campaign is on ice.. Petitions and future volunteer sign-ups welcome in freezer, along with related inquiries.